Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello everyone! Just 4 days until I am in Disney World... I can't wait! But I am so nervous about forgetting something, and I gotta be honest that I'm also a bit nervous of flying. I'm not afraid of a crash...rather it's almost a claustrophobia issue--being trapped in a vessel up in the air--

At any slight instance that I feel trapped, physically or emotionally, I lose it a little. It's the same reason I'm not sure I'd ever go on a cruise...

Anyway, I've been looking around online to make sure there's going to be food for me to eat. And luckily I've run across a few places like this...

"Harambe Fruit Market" in Animal Kingdom. I can't wait to eat all the fruit!

At any rate, I had been wanting tomatoes like crazy lately, and they were on sale for 99 cents a pound at my local grocery store, so I decided to whip up a little something inspired by this.

What I changed: I didn't use a pepper or celery, and instead of basil I used cilantro. I also used a half of a cup of fresh corn. I only used one tomato, and a half of a zucchini. It was good! I will be having more without the corn tonight :)And maybe I will try the celery though I still don't know where I stand with celery...

I actually think the corn upset my tummy a little. Since I went fruitarian I haven't had much of any problems with gas (which is downright crazy because I have always been really gassy, haha) but I got a lot after eating this, and I know it wasn't any of the other ingredients.

Anyway, speaking of all this food. I am going to have myself some oranges :)

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