Friday, July 23, 2010

mmm. Tasty cucumber cilantro soup!!
I lived off this stuff for weeks.

How has everyone been? I'm sorry I've been absent [as usual]-- lots has been going on! The man and I finally got a place together and so the past few weeks has been spent setting that up, moving, and settling in.
I also had a quite interesting, busy, and most of all: life-changing week last week.
I may or may not have mentioned going off of hormones two months ago. Going off hormones was the best thing I ever did for myself and for my mental and physical health. I feel like a REAL PERSON again. I'm able to express myself creatively once again. It's interesting how much that tiny little pill was effecting me, and I barely noticed it happening until it had spun out of control.
At any rate, I may or may not have also mentioned that I've never wanted kids, and that I've had quite a history with being afraid of and trying to avoid pregnancy-- I've always said that I wanted my "tubes tied", and a couple years ago, I made it a realistic and reachable goal of mine to accomplish as soon as I could find a doctor to do it, and as soon as I could afford it financially.

So on Monday I had an appointment to meet with a doctor to discuss having a tubal ligation. I found him randomly on the website for the group of clinics that are covered by my insurance. I read his bio and "fell in love" so to speak. He sounded promising, and he also sounded like an amazing doctor overall.

My mother came with me to meet with him because I had kindly asked her to since she had seen me go through all that I went through regarding my reproductive issues. Her support was indeed helpful. The three of us discussed it collaboratively sharing opinions, asking questions, and by the end of the appointment it seemed apparent that we all agreed this was the best solution for me. [something I was already aware of a long time ago]

Tuesday he called me to tell me he would do it for me.

By Thursday I was setting up an appointment for a pre-op consultation for Friday, and the actual surgery for Saturday.

And the rest is history :)
I couldn't be more pleased with my decision, and I am just so elated to finally have accomplished this. And better yet! It appears that this isn't going to cost me even a quarter of as much as I expected to be paying. Always a bonus.

Recovery has been annoying but bearable, and I get to return to working on the organic farm tomorrow which I'm totally ecstatic for.

Speaking of... my photo was actually included in one of their weekly newsletters.
Try to spot me on pa
ge three!
Kohlrabi Cream Soup.
We've been getting the most delicious kohlrabis from the farm and I've been enjoying it blended with avocado, some farm fresh spring garlic, hot water, and garnished with some farm fresh sugar snap peas, more chopped kohlrabi, and chunks of avocado. yum!!

Anyway, life has been good.

Hunny and Sweetie on the 15 dollar couch I bought at a thrift store

be well

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