Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not much has been happening lately so I haven't had the urge to write. But! I am excited because tomorrow I get my first box of vegetables from the organic farm I'm working for.

Did I mention this?

It's a CSA program, and you can either buy a share of produce for the year, or you can participate in the workshare program where you work 4 and a half hours every week to get your weekly farm fresh veggies. I work every Saturday morning 8 AM-12:30 PM. It's been wonderful so far. Hard work? It's difficult for me to say that it is because I enjoy it so much, but it definitely is physically a bit of work. My body feels good and sore every Sunday...just the way I like it. So far we've been working on weeding certain crops, and we just harvested the spinach this last Saturday.

Check it out!

Working on Saturday was a challenge with my newest tattoo...

It's basically a symbol of my dedication to eating and living a cruelty free life. (Eating) Hence the placement of the tattoo. It didn't hurt much to get it done, but the healing has been a struggle. Oh more stomach tattoos! (We'll see if I actually live up to that threat, haha)

My friend does tattooing at a shop in town, and she's been doing mine (and my boyfriend's) for free... so I baked her some very naughty vegan confetti cupcakes as a sign of my appreciation. Man, I hate baking. I mean, I actually love it. But I hate all the frosting I just HAVE to lick off my fingers every 30 seconds.

Since I began the journey to RAW, I still allow myself to indulge in some cooked or baked vegan delights every now and then, and vegan cake is one that I just can't resist. It's horrible. It makes me feel horrible...and it makes me feel horrible BECAUSE I can't seem to control myself around it. I never liked having dependencies on ANYTHING...which is why I quit smoking, coffee, soda, etc. It makes me feel all icky inside to feel that something else has control over me. And I feel like cake totally does. It sounds silly... but I'm sure some of you have felt what I'm feeling.

Anyway, I've been blending up cucumber soups...making sweet potato chips on the dehydrator... but nothing worth taking a photo of.

Hmm...I'll write more when more interesting things are happening :)

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  1. I love the heart in the middle of the paw print. :)